How to disable Konsole main toolbar & session toolbar?


I noticed that Konsole has a new toolbar section:

which, I had never seen before.

By right clicking on the toolbar, you can select whether you want to disable/hide them;
[ ] Main Toolbar
[ ] Session Toolbar

Now my question is how do you consistently disable them by default? I tried Settings → Configure Konsole but I didn’t see such settings for these two toolbars. I would like to write in konsolerc some settings so that I version control it but couldn’t find commands for those toolbars.

From this and this threads I can see that there should be an option in Settings called “Toolbar shown” or something like that, but I can’t see this option in my Settings menu. Can someone please help? Thanks!

Right click a little to the right of the “Help” menu?

Hi. Like I said in my original post, doing so would only disable/hide the toolbars. If you exit Konsole and re-open it the toolbars would still be there. I’m wondering if there’s a way to just disable them by default. I checked the Settings but there are no such settings targeting these two toolbars.

Ah, I missed that :blush: For me the settings persists. No idea what’s wrong in your case, I’m afraid.

EDIT: though I really only use the desktop stuff from stable NixOS 21.05.