How to do a nix-build expression as part of my config (so that it's reproducable)

I want to use foxit on nix but unfortunately it’s not packaged. Someone has made derivation for it which I can use with nix-build, but I’m not sure how to make this ‘declarative’ like the rest of my config so that it’s easily reproducable.

Details depend on how exactly “someone” packaged it.

Though the usual approach is to use import or callPackage as appropriate and add to the relevant package list.

Thanks for the reply!

This is the derivation I found GitHub - srghma/foxit-pdf-viewer-nix-derivations

That one is quite unidiomatic… To be honest, I’d not use it that way, though I also do not have the time to actually rip their dumb installer appart to implement a proper derivation…

Why do they even insist on “installers”? Why don’t they simply provide a precompiled binary?