How to edit PulseAudio profiles

I have a Steelseries Arctis 5 headset. It has two different stereo outputs, called “Game” and “Chat”, and a microphone. By default only one output device is found and the microphone is not found. I found a deb package and PulseAudio profiles to fix this issue: GitHub - DemonTPx/steelseries-arctis-5-pulseaudio-profile: Pulseaudio profile for SteelSeries Arctis 5

My issue now is that I don’t really understand how to use these profiles in Nixos. Is this possible through options or can I automatically use the deb package somehow?

the make (steelseries-arctis-5-pulseaudio-profile/Makefile at 765615e6ae957cbd3787efe0690a4bc3f5d082eb · DemonTPx/steelseries-arctis-5-pulseaudio-profile · GitHub) file appears to just copy the .config and .rules file’s to * the correct path *

so imho (we largely in the same boat wrt : don’t really understand ;- )
you best path forward
would be to find what the correct path is for nixos
and attempt to create
some kind of derivation or nix-shell
that (much like the make file)
copy’s the .config and .rules file’s to
. * the correct NIX path *
add that to the system - some how -
cross your finders
and reboot

This is not configureable at the moment because it is hard-coded. There was a patch send to the mailing list in 2015: [Nix-dev] [PATCH] pulseaudio: Add support for package configuration files. The code seems to have not changed a lot, so it could be adapted to a current version of pulseaudio.