How to fill and read xfa forms

i have a pdf containing xfa forms which i need to read and fill.
i tried using masterpdfeditor but when i use it to open one of the pdfs it just crashes instantly.
i also tried to use adobe reader via wine but it just doesn’t install and there isn’t an easy 'missing this specific dll" error so i ask is there any other way other than using the old version of adobe for linux from 2013?

Have you tried Okular or Evince? They should provide basic support for this (apparently deprecated) format… at least on okular I am able to fill all forms given by the administration (and I use xournal++ for forms that I can’t edit, directly editing the pdf even if it’s not really clean ^^’)

For wine, try maybe with play on linux, they provide “working settings” usually (note the ‘‘Always open with Protected Mode disabled’’). Adobe Acrobat Reader DC - Logiciels supportés - PlayOnLinux - Utilisez vos applications Windows sous Linux en toute simplicité !

Otherwise how have you installed master pdf editor? Make sure to use the nix (patched) version, as the one downloaded online would crash.

If possible, you can maybe share the pdf to help people see what’s wrong.