How to find which derivation created a specific path in the store?


I’d like to find out which derivation created /nix/store/d5sjq8hzxvphbr14wb721r1rpk5p9d6m-source/rustdoc/ in my store. I’m debugging an issue with rustic, which does have this file: rustic/ at 0c8febe1734158f0c808c652395f9e0e53360744 · brotzeit/rustic · GitHub

However when I do:

nix show-derivation -r nixos.emacsPackages.rustic

And search for d5sjq8hzxvphbr14wb721r1rpk5p9d6m in the output, I can’t find anything.

nix-store --query --deriver and nix-store --query --show-referrers would help you.