How to get a derivation path for `<nixpkgs>`

I’m using nixops to deploy a few NixOS severs. One problem I have is that the channels of the servers are basically never used so they get left behind. This causes issues when using things like nix-shell or the command-not-found helper as the programs it fetch will be outdated. My goal is to configure the default Nix path to use the nixpkgs version used to deploy the server.

My initial attempt was something like this:

nix = {
	# Don't use mutable channels, always use the deployed version.
	nixPath = ["nixpkgs=${<nixpkgs>}"];
	channel.enable = false;

This is seemingly close to what I want. The nix-channel command is removed (unnecessary but nice to remind people) and the NIX_PATH var has any previous channels removed.

However the store path that is pointed to is a dangling symlink, causing evaluations to fail. If I do nixos=${<nixpkgs/nixos>} I do get a nixos path that works. But this doesn’t get nixpkgs. It seems that any sub-file of <nixpkgs> is fine, but referencing the root will get a dangling symlink.

Is there a way to make this work? Maybe we can add something like pkgs.nixpkgs to nixpkgs that points at its own root directory as a derivation?

I think pkgs.path is what you’re looking for, should give you a path to the nix store:

$ nix-channel --list
$ nix-instantiate --eval -E 'with import <nixpkgs> { }; pkgs.path'
$ ls /nix/store/nfmbc543kq6i6q16klizax5rgghwjlrp-nixos/nixos  COPYING  default.nix  doc  flake.nix  lib  maintainers  nixos  nixpkgs  pkgs  programs.sqlite  svn-revision

Thanks! pkgs.path was exactly what I was looking for.

However this revealed a poor interaction (bug?) between nix.nixPath and = false. It seems that setting = false sets a default value for nix.settings.nix-path which causes the NIX_PATH environment variable set by nix.nixPath to be ignored. For my case I could easily work around this by setting nix.settings.nix-path directly. But IDK if it is worth fixing this for everyone.

My final config looks like this. Now my servers will pull programs from their deployed version which is very nice.

nix = {
	channel.enable = false;
	settings.nix-path = ["nixpkgs=${pkgs.path}"];

programs.command-not-found.dbPath = "${pkgs.path}/programs.sqlite";
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Unfortunately is problematic in certain cases, see nix-channel: do not set empty nix-path when disabling channels by oxalica · Pull Request #273170 · NixOS/nixpkgs · GitHub