How to get a stdenv change in?

I’ve got a relatively simple PR, to exclude certain file extensions from being stripped in the strip phase:

Without this, buildRustCrate produces invalid libraries on Darwin.

It’s logically simple, but of course results in the whole universe being rebuilt. So I’m not sure how impatient I should be? Is there a good time to push for these kinds of things to be merged, or do they just accumulate in staging? It’s been there about 2 months, so I’d love to get some movement if possible.

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Hey, stdenv changes are impactful, so they usually take some time, unfortunately, the relevant set of people might not have seen your change yet, so it’s even slower.

I have been trying to get your PR some attention so that it can be reviewed, next time, please use Git history to look for potential reviewers (on stdenv and Rust areas in this case it seems.)

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