How to get Burpsuite Pro to work with embedded Chromium Browser?

Hey there!

I’m trying to get NixOS to use Burpsuite Pro instead of the Community Edition of Burpsuite that is typically provided by nixpkgs. I have been able to make that happen with an overlay, but I’m running into a problem where I am unable to use the embedded Chromium browser that is provided with Burpsuite Pro. What am I doing wrong here?

This is the overlay I am using:

    (self: super: {
      burpsuite = super.burpsuite.overrideAttrs ( oldAttrs : let
      version = "2022.7.1";
      jar = super.fetchurl {
        name = "burpsuite.jar";
        url = "${version}&type=Jar";
        sha256 = "sha256-DKBe5Clqx58rCVHzhz4cpKNmJXbp2mMOfK1lgeP1afQ=";
      jre = super.pkgs.jdk11;
      launcher = ''      	
        exec ${jre}/bin/java -jar ${jar} "$@"
      in rec {
        buildCommand = ''
          mkdir -p $out/bin
          echo "${launcher}" > $out/bin/burpsuite
          chmod +x $out/bin/burpsuite

You can try replacing the embedded libcef with the one from Nixpkgs. Also, check the jar file for other libraries which may need to be either patched or replaced. You can look at the bisq-desktop and sparrow packages for examples.

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