How to get online after minimal install?

There might be a trivial answer to this question. However, I have so far not been able to find out how I can connect to a network after I have installed NixOS.

Using the minimal ISO, I installed NixOS on my system. During installation I used wpa_supplicant to get online. After the installation completed, I rebooted the system. However, now it seems like no network tools are installed. For example, wpa_cli is not found, neither is nmcli.

When installing, I used the default minimal example config that was presented in the manual. Should I have added for example NetworkManager or wpasupplicant to packages in the config, before installation?

Is there a way to get the system online now?

I did take a look at a YT video I found (Titus Tech Talk - First Time NixOS Install with Customization), where the system is set up from the minimal ISO. I can not see that any special configuration settings was needed to enable networking. The video is likely cut through, because I can not see how he is connecting to a network after the first boot. I also see that the guy has got vim preinstalled. I do not even have that. The video is from 2023, so maybe vim and network tools has been removed from the minimal ISO. Seems strange that networking tools are not included though.

I ended up reinstalling NixOS, and this time I added networkmanager to the system packages in the config. That seemed to do the trick to have the packages available after reboot. Still, I did not manage to start the NetworkManager service. And, another issue I ran into was getting the following error message:

“! Mount point /boot which backs the random seed file is world accessible, which is a security hole!”

I give up, and will try the graphical installer instead. Hopefully, with some more luck.

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