How to get packages from the latest successful build?

I’m looking at and we can see the nixpkgs-unstable is from about 20h ago at the time of writing and is at commit 9e4e0807d214

However, if we look at the actual builds, we can see more recent builds which have passed

Nix channels - NixOS Wiki explains the lag but it seems to only refer to “nixos-unstable” as opposed to “nixpkgs-unstable”. In addition the page says:

Once the job succeeds at a particular nixpkgs commit, will download binaries from When the download completes, the channel updates.
nixpkgs is quickly updated since none of the above needs to happen once a channel update is triggered.

Now let’s assume I’m fine with not having packages in the cache and that I’m happy to have nix build them locally. How can I track the most recent commit which has been successfully built and tested?

You can probably just follow Channels for NixOS project(s)
or parse to pin the inputs to a flake.

My guess is, that the delay is related to the “after build hooks” that actually push the NARs to S3, create the command not found database, the channel.tar.zx, etc.

The a565059a348 build that is just 10 minutes ago on your screenshot, is 9h ago now. And it became the “current” nixpkgs-unstable about 6h ago according to