How to get posts from before turning on mailing list mode?

is it possible to get hold of all the messages on discourse before
turned mailing list mode on?

only through the web UI, discourse doesn’t have a NNTP interface

perhaps curently “discourse doesn’t have a NNTP interface”

all though apparently this plugin exists

found via

For the moment the Discourse instance is hosted by so we don’t have much choice in terms of plugins. But let’s keep that in mind if we move to a self-hosted instance some day.

it would be IMHO better if it became a default part of discourse dot com …

also it appears odd…
from the perspective of some one who downloaded .gz mail llist archives
that i can “Download All” of my ( curently one post ) data/activity

but not an archive to date
of all the comunity discussion :thinking:

perhaps i should ;]
“get with the times”
& get a portable touchscreen
then just use the refresh button
until i run out of “monthly data allowance” *

*i jest ;p
… who of sound mind would take this path willingly