How to Handle Cloud-Init proxmox network IP assignment in Nixos?

Currently in the process of getting our Proxmox VMs migrated over to NixOS

One of our requirements is cloud-init, and I have enabled cloud-init and the VM hostname from proxmox appears to passthrough perfectly to the VM using cloud-init

But my IP is being assigned over DHCP, does anyone have any tips to make cloud-init handle the networking so that the IP can be set via the Proxmox cloud-init system?

I haven’t tried to set any static addresses from within proxmox but have you tried setting the network config via: Networking config Version 1 - cloud-init 24.1.3 documentation I dont think you want v2 since thats using netplan

I recently dove into cloudinit and proxmox a little for getting a Nix VM stood up on the SODA Machine: GitHub - sarcasticadmin/sodaflake there are some things that flat out dont work with cloudinit and nixos at the moment. It makes some assumptions about where the path to the bourne shell, config is readonly, etc.

Have you set = true?

This worked, additionally I had to disable all DHCP related things inside of configuration.nix and hardware-configuration.nix