How to handle collections of changes to Nix Pills?

I’ve been reading through the Nix Pills recently, making many small commits to my local repo as I’ve gone through each chapter. These changes run the gamut, from trivial grammar fixes and markup tweaks, to attempts to improve the explanations of concepts, and even open-ended questions. Given the quantity and variety of (potential) changes to the nix-pills repository, would the maintainers prefer any particular strategy for contribution? For example, should I organize changes into one pull request per chapter? PRs as finely-grained as is reasonable? One single draft PR?

Basically, I anticipate a tension between the quantity of pull requests and/or issues and the ease of review, and I’d like to know how the maintainers would like to navigate this.


If you’re okay with reaching out via twitter, message @domenkozar. He’s usually more active there

I’m not the author nor the maintainer of Nix Pills, only

However, I suggest opening smaller PRs rather than one big one to increase chances of PR being merged.

:man_facepalming:t2: I have no idea how i managed to mix them up. Thanks for the headsup