How to install devkitPro?

I’m using NixOS as my primary OS, but am still very new to it.
I’d like to develop on Nintendo DS with devkitproARM (which include libnds) and I don’t know how to install it on NixOS.
They use pacman as the official way to distribute it and I assume it’s not compatible with NixOS ?
I’ve seen some flake file that seems to allow devkitpro installation : GitHub - knarkzel/devkitnix: Collection of devkitpro toolchains compatible with Nix
But honestly, I don’t know what to do with it and also if it’s up to date.
Has anyone manage to use devkitPro on NixOS ?


I know nothing of devkitpro, but that repo shows that you can get the tooling by running: nix build github:knarkzel/devkitnix#devkitARM

The repo hasn’t been updated in 2 years so it won’t be up to date.
It uses the docker images as source, so you can look up the latest one here and then update the details here: devkitnix/flake.nix at ed1a8e082153d1141ab57ce6f94d87cb0b24af51 · knarkzel/devkitnix · GitHub

I recommend asking any other questions about this on Issues · knarkzel/devkitnix · GitHub , the maintainer will be surely more knowledgeable :slightly_smiling_face: