How to install gnome tweaks?


hello i recently installed the gnome version of nixos and i was wondering how to install gnome tweaks as it said that it couldnt be found when i tried to install. thank you.

I have it installed by adding the following to my configuration.nix file:

{ pkgs, ... }:
# more configuration above

environment.systemPackages = [
  # the rest of my packages


# more configuration below

There are actually a bunch of gnome specific packages (many already installed as part of the default gnome3 installation) that you can look at by searching the package set for gnomeExtensions.* like this.

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my configuration.nix file was empty and adding your text for it to it didn’t install gnome tweaks. i think i might of messed up the install.

Your configuration.nix file should be on /etc/nixos/configuration.nix @SandMan.

To sync those changes use nixos-upgrade switch.

List packages installed in system profile. To search, run:

$ nix search wget

environment.systemPackages = with pkgs; [

wget vim




is this how it should work? also running nixos-upgrade switch says nixos-upgrade command not found
so i think nixos-rebuild switch . is the one im supposed to do but running it with that config doesn’t add gnome tweaks to my applications i also tried with vlc and it didn’t work.

Annoyingly, I usually have to restart GNOME to be able to see applications with desktop items in the list of applications and gnome-shell search. Does gnome-tweaks launch from the command-line? (Or you could try to restart GNOME.)

Gnome tweaks does work through the terminal. Thank you

Ah sorry messed up it is nixos-rebuild switch