How to install NixOS on ARMv7 Cortex-A7 (Cubietruck Allwinner A-20 1GHz Dual-core SBC)

I’d like to revive my Cubietruck to be used as a home server for some small development tasks like git, CI/CD, http serving and nfs. I wonder if I could use NixOS to archive this but I have no clue where to start on ARM devices and how to proceed. I found an installation guide for ArchLinux and I suppose the procedure with NixOS will be similar:

I guess I need to build some nix configuaration that contains and uses the sunxi/boot/cubietruck/u-boot-sunxi-with-spl.bin Bootloader image to get the machine booting. I’d like to get some pointers from people who have some experience with it and can say how to start. Maybe building a bootable USB drive would be good enough for the moment. If it boots I can work my way up and in the end I would want to have a proper SATA installation on a physical hard drive.

I read the wiki page on ARM devices but my specific device is not listed but the Banana Pi seems pretty close in architecture. Can I adapt it to work with my specific device? Where can I get an armv7l NixOS image for my device? Is there an Cubietruck_defconfig anywhere? Can I maybe “recycle” a defconfig from the Lubuntu 16.04 that is currently running on it? Any help or pointers are much appreciated.

Some more infos on the cubietruck can be found here:
The kernel for the cubietruck has been abandoned by Cubietech but it should be possible to build my own, newer kernel, right?

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You can try NixWiki for ARM

Sure, that was where I started. Right now my installation fails due to limited RAM (2Gb) so I gave it an additionally 8GB swap partition but this didn’t work either.

Here is the dmesg output: The interesting part start at line 480. Any ideas on this?