How to install webstorm using NixOS home-manager and flakes

How do I find out the list of supported valid arguments? Only cliion, and pycharm professional is listed as arguments. I couldn’t figure out the valid names from the source code.

I’ve the following in my home.nix.

programs.jetbrains-remote = {
  enable = true;
  ides = [ webstorm ];

Error on nixos-rebuild.

error: undefined variable 'webstorm'

at /nix/store/1r0kvag8plmiy62dbcsfffq0nahpsfhg-source/home.nix:35:14:

   34|     enable = true;
   35|     ides = [ webstorm ];
     |              ^
   36|   };

Never used jetbrains before, but have you tried:

programs.jetbrains-remote = {
  enable = true;
  ides = [ pkgs.jetbrains.webstorm ];

I had to step away from NixOS for a bit since I still can’t figure most things out.

Now, I’m currently getting a different issue. (Didn’t think that was even possible since I’m using the exact same configuration)

error: The option `home-manager.users.user.programs.jetbrains-remote' does not exist. Definition values:
       - In `/nix/store/2lagifgqw760xch048spv2a0v46ya1vb-source/flake.nix':
             enable = true;
             ides = [
               <derivation webstorm-2023.2.3>

How is it possible for this home manager option to now be missing when all to others are still working fine? E.g. programs.vscode.

The code must have changed for this error to occur. Previously the nix code did not evaluate, so the NixOS/home-manager module system would not be able to eval to give you this trace. It does now, so maybe you’re using a different entrypoint or just forgot you made a change.

Given your source hash changed, I’m betting on the latter.

Could you share some more of your code? I assumed you were using NixOS originally, this should be pretty easy to fix.