How to install Windscribe VPN?

Can someone help me install Windscribe VPN on NixOS its a deb package, thanks in advance !!!

Windscribe user here - I just use wireguard and download the config files. OpenVPN works as well. I think you’ll have issues trying to get the desktop client to work.

Hello @ahen thank you for your answer, i have installed wireguard-tools but when i run wg in terminal nothing happens could you be more especific on how to implement it with Windscribe? Update.- Ok so i downloaded the config of wireguard from my Windscribe account, but everytine i try to do a sudo nixos-rebuild switch because i have modified my configuration.nix with wireguard as in the nixos wireguard wiki i cant compile, i have replaced the values with my publicKey, ip and such but no luck

Here, all I’m doing is including pkgs.wireguard-tools in configuration.nix, putting the downloaded config files in /etc/wireguard, and then starting wireguard when wanted with

sudo wg-quick up NL

or whatever the .conf file is called (NL.conf in this case). I’m sure there are more elegant ways to do it, but this works.

Edited to correct syntax.

Oh thank you!!! You have no idea all that i have done in order to work and no luck!!! Your solution was perfect!! Thank you again