How to make Home Manager (standalone installation) manage `.bashrc` on NixOS?

Hi, I was using Home Manager on Fedora Linux. It was able to manage .bashrc file with the configs:

programs.bash = {
    enable = true;
    bashrcExtra = "";

targets.genericLinux.enable = true;

But doing the same thing on NixOS doesn’t create .bashrc. Is it possible to achieve same thing while on NixOS? I am using standalone Home Manager installation.

It should totally work that way on NixOS as well. If it doesn’t the activation probably errored and you missed it.

How do I check the activation logs would you know?

When using standalone they are just printed during the switch, when using HM as a system module, you have to check the logs of the service.

home-manager-$USER.service for NixOS, not sure about nix-darwin.

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You were right in this case. I forgot to include the module where I defined those lines :man_facepalming: . Once I included it created the .bashrc as expected. Sorry for bothering.