How to move from ethernet to WIFI?

I have a system built with a gigabyte B650 AORUS PRO AX motherboard. It has built in WIFI, but I’ve been using the ethernet interface so far. Now I want to use the built in WIFI. Following advice here, I booted a usb stick with nixos-gnome-23.11.1697.781e2a9797ec-x86_64-linux.iso and ran “nmcli device wifi connect myssid password mypassword”, and that got me connected to the Internet. How can I modify my configuration file so that I use WIFI instead of ethernet? As a bonus, I’d like to continue using the same fixed IP address.

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If you enable networkmanager you can use the same command as in the installer to connect to your wifi. You can also use any of the GUI frontends for networkmanager if you do so (and I think it will be enabled by default if you use GNOME, at which point you can just use GNOME’s frontend).

I believe that with the default settings plugging in an ethernet cable will still connect you to ethernet though, do you want to completely disable ethernet for some reason?

That’s up to your router, you’ll need to look at its DHCP configuration.

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Thank you. I’m not up and running yet because my Gigabyte B650AORUSPROAX MB stops recognizing my NVMe SSD. Tomorrow I will see if I can get WIFI going using an old SATA SSD.

To answer your question, I need to use WIFI instead of ethernet because I will move the system to a location that doesn’t have ethernet.