How to overlay "rec" in a package

Hi all,

I’m trying to update the dotnet-sdk to the latest version available due to a bug fix. I’ve done a few overlays before but the usage of “rec” in default.nix in this package is causing my mind to melt.

If I want to override the packages there in my configuration.nix how would I go about doing so?
Is it even possible?

The hashes are all easily retrievable as the maintainers have handily included this script


This is warping my mind even more. I tried just copying the three files and using these as an overlay.

This “works” apart from I get this message

anonymous function at /nix/store/02x581j37dsnny0warlqlrdplc57y010-source/overlays/dotnet/build-dotnet.nix:7:1 called without required argument ‘lttng-ust_2_12’

I have no idea how to pass this argument in?

self: super:
  dotnetLatest = super.callPackage  ./dotnet {};


The overlay simply looks like that, with dotnet package simply updating the hashes in the “rec” portion of the code.

lttng-ust_2_12 should be among the top-level attributes in Nixpkgs (pkgs). Make sure you have fresh enough Nixpkgs version.