How to overwrite catppuccin-papirus-folders

There is a package called catppuccin-pairus-folders that supports overwriting accent and flavor according to its default.nix (Link: Catppuccin-Papirus-Folders. How to define these? I found it similar to catppuccin-gtk-theme, but I don’t know how to overwrite a package outside of gtk in home.nix.

Assuming you use gtk.iconTheme to set it:

{pkgs, ...}: {
  gtk.iconTheme.package = pkgs.catppuccin-papirus-folders.override {
    flavor = "latte";
    accent = "green";

Not to confuse you too much, but just in case you stumble across this in the future, nixpkgs has two “override” mechanisms, override and overrideAttrs. They’re used for subtly different things.

The details on this are in the nixpkgs manual, but in a nutshell you use override when you want to change the function arguments (i.e. everything in the first {} before the :).

The other one is used when you want to change things in the {} after stdenv.mkDerivation.

Thank you so much! At first I wondered why the folder didn’t change colors, and yesterday I discovered the papirus icon themes I manually downloaded in ~/.local/share/icons overriding the settings in home.nix. After applying a workaround for flatpaks to access system fonts and icons, I removed the manually downloaded themes and the folders changed their colors.

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