How to put my kernels, initrd and entries in the boot/XBOOTLDR partition


I just switched to NixOS, and I can’t find the option (if it exists), to put my kernels, initrd and entries in my boot / XBOOTLDR partition.

On my old Linux distributions, I was following the systemd recommendations, which you can find here:

I have two partitions, /efi and /boot. I used the “boot.loader.efi.efiSysMountPoint = “/efi”” option at installation, everything works fine, and my hardware-configuration.nix file looks very good.

But I don’t have the expected result, my /boot partition contains only empty folders (EFI, machine-id, loader…), without my kernels, initrd and entries… Which are in my /efi partition… (and having several operating systems on my machine, I wish to have all my kernels/initrd on my XBOOTLDR partition, sorted neatly by machine-id folder).

I did not find a reference to the XBOOTLDR partition in the documentation / manual. Are there people in the same situation as me? Is there an option to configure this properly?

I’ll keep looking, hoping to get some feedback :wink:

I had a quick look at the code of

All configuration is done via “@efiSysMountPoint@” (so the /efi partition in my case).

I guess it’s not possible to do a clean ESP / XBOOTLOADER installation. Can anyone confirm this?