How to refer a binary in chromium-unwrapped package?

I want to use chromium binary stored at path /nix/store/*chromium-unwrapped*/libexec/ in my module. How can I refer this? ${pkgs.chromium-unrapped} doesn’t work as there is not such package. The package is available in /nix/store after chromium compilation.

I’d try first nix-locate:

$ nix-locate libexec/ | grep chromium
(ungoogled-chromium.out)                             19 d /nix/store/94shd38nr4nhnk6j5283przihq868plc-chromium-unwrapped-110.0.5481.177/libexec/chromium
(chromium.out)                                       19 d /nix/store/jyjygfimprxdagc72c8kff3kzh3cz2cf-chromium-unwrapped-110.0.5481.177/libexec/chromium

But I assume you don’t need simply the chromium binary there, but something else. Are you sure Nixpkgs distributes that binary? What is this binary?

It looks like you can access it via pkgs.chromium.browser