How to run all CI jobs for a nixpkgs PR

I have a PR here:

For some reason I don’t understand, ofborg ran the Linux tests but skipped Darwin.

Since this patch adds a new architecture (AArch64), I’d really like to see the tests run if possible.

Is there any way to get that to happen?


If you look at the OfBorg log (click on the “terra, terra.passthru.tests on aarch64-darwin Skipped — No attempt” CI job, and then on “View more details on OfBorg” on the bottom), you see

Cannot nix-instantiate `terra' because:
error: Package ‘terra-1.0.5’ in /path/to/pkgs/development/compilers/terra/default.nix:84 is marked as broken, refusing to evaluate.

This is because in the terra derivation, Darwin is marked as broken:

    broken = stdenv.isDarwin;

So removing that line should allow this test to make progress.

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