How to run android emulator?

I want to run android device emulator. I created the following emu.nix file, run nix-build emu.nix then bin/run-test-emulator in the result. But it says Valid ABIs: no ABIs. Error: This platform has more than one ABI. Please specify one using --abi.' to get the target ids.
There seems to be no valid ABIs for the virtual device. How can I fix that?

Here’s the file emu.nix:

with import <nixpkgs> {};

androidenv.emulateApp {
  name = "emu";
  platformVersion = "26";
  useGoogleAPIs = false;
  enableGPU = false;
  abiVersion = "x86_64";
  avdHomeDir = "/home/alice/.avd";

The last time I build an android application I installed everything via android-studio.
It also downloads the emulator, but I have not used it back then.
I also had to remove ~/.gradle for that since the binaries downloaded outside of android-studio
are not compatible with the ones downloaded by it.

Maybe @clefru or nicknovitski (Nick Novitski) · GitHub (recently made an update here) can help.

I also found a problem with emulator after that pull request by nicknovitski (I left a comment there)