How to run init stage 2 manually?

I booted into stage 1 and it failed to continue, offering me to press f for an interactive boot shell with pid 1.

An error occurred in stage 1 of the boot process, which must 
mount the root filesystem on '/mnt-root' and start the stage 2. 
Press one of the following keys:
  i) to launch an interactive shell
  f) to start an interactive shell having pid 1 
     (needed if you want to start stage 2's init manually)
  r) to reboot immediately
  *) to ignore the error and continue

I pressed f, prepared the system for boot by loading the drives I need. Now I need to boot into stage 2.

How can I run init stage 2 manually from this shell?

The easiest thing to do would be to press i instead of f and then just exit the shell it gives you once you’ve mounted everything under /mnt-root

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