How to set the keyboard layout in plasma_wayland

I am trying to use plasma_wayland without X11, i.e.

console.keyMap = "sg";

services.xserver = {
  enable = false;
  layout = "ch";

services.greetd = {
  enable = true;
  settings = {
    default_session.command = ''
      ${pkgs.greetd.tuigreet}/bin/tuigreet \
        --time \
        --asterisks \
        --user-menu \
        --cmd startplasma-wayland

On the login screen I still have the SwissGerman keyboard sg.
but Plasma or Waylanmd switches to us layout.

How can I tell them to use sg layout too?

Thanks for your help.

This got me for a while as well, turns out there’s another config file for wayland (~/.config/hypr/hyprland.conf) overwriting this I believe?

At around line 31 it’s just switching the keyboard variable, mine looks like

input {
    kb_layout = gb

For the google searches this resolves the problem of the uk layout not working on NixOS and hyprland (as I struggled to find any links)

Thanks for the reply.
In the meantime I have switched to sway where it was easy to define the keyboard layout: