How to set up dwl on NixOs

Hello i am kinda new to nix os and i would like to set up dwl and use my custom patches how to do so?I couldnt find one anywhere…

You can create modified packages using overrideAttrs (passing patches attribute) and then replace the package in Nixpkgs with your custom variant using overlays.

ty very much,here is what i have done:nixpkgs.overlays = [ ( final: prev: { dwl = prev.dwl.overrideAttrs { patches = [ ./dwl-patches/focusdirection.patch ]; }; }) ]; one question where should the folder with the patches be located at at /etc/nixos/ or in some other place

Basically it could be wherever you want it to be

oh, ty,i though that maybe having it near the configuration.nix would have been a bad practice

well yes, I would not put it there. But I am using flakes, so everything would be in my flake directory and committed to git.