How to setup Rustdesk with unattended acces?

Hello. I’m pretty new to Nixos, but I like it a lot so far.
I’ve been a NoMachine user for years now, and tried to install it in NixOS. But it is (according to others) nearly impossible to get it to work in NixOS.

Now I started using Rustdesk, and I like it just as much, or maybe even better then NoMachine. I got it to work on my desktop (plasma), but I’m not able to get it to work unattended.

It says the service is enabled, but as soon as I close the Rustdesk window, the connection is lost. Also I cannot connect when the user is logged out.

Does anybody know how to setup Rustdesk systemwide, with the service enabled?


I can’t get the “please use X11 if you require unattended access.” warning to go away

would love to be able to use this unattended to access my nixos box from my macos client on the road