How to setup VNC server on nixos

I can’t find a description of how to install vncserver on NixOS and connect to my X session. Could you direct me to the right way

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I think that’s currently not supported.

I also plan to setup remote desktop and found out that RDP should have better performance than VNC.

You can enable Xrdp with services.xrdp.enable = true; but it don’t work out of the box, for me.

Here is my research: #19 - Add remote desktop module - nixos-config -

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Xrdp works out of the box for me with NixOS 19.03, but as I understand I can’t use it to see the main X session (which appears when OS boots up), so I want to install VNC

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What desktop do you use? I use Pantheon, might be related to that.

There are actually some vnc servers packaged, but no proper module to configure it.

A good starting point is this issue from me.

I use default lightDM with xterm session

services.xrdp = {
  enable = true;

# Enable the X11 windowing system.
services.xserver = {
enable      = true;
layout      = "us,ru(winkeys)";
xkbOptions  = "grp:alt_shift_toggle";
xkbVariant  = "winkeys";
enableCtrlAltBackspace = true;

# Auto login = true; = "user";