How to share a "tested" nixpkgs between Linux and macOS


I have developed a “development environment” flake template so that developers using either of the OSes can work on development sources. I’m currrently using stable releases for NixOS and nixpkgs-darwin by telling the developers to make and “indirection” via the flake registry and set a common registry name to two different flake URLs depending on the OS. I update those flake URLs but sometimes they don’t really “match” because from what I could find out nixos stable channels are tested only on Linux and nixpkg-darwin is tested only on macOS and this sometimes causes errors because usually developers use just one of the two (sorry, three) OS/arch combo. Apart from having active testing on both the distributions, is there a way to have a sort of a “compound” channel that advances when both the per OS channel do advance? How do you address the same problem?

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