How to update to Gnome 46?

New Gnome version came out and I’d like to switch to it. Can someone please tell me how to do it?

GNOME 46 is not yet merged into the master branch of nixpkgs.

Follow it through this pull request.


While GNOME 46 hasn’t been merged yet, you can try it out by:

  1. Passing -I nixpkgs= to nixos-rebuild
  2. If you use flakes, you can instead try nix flake update --override-input nixpkgs github:NixOS/nixpkgs/gnome-46, or simply change the url for the nixpkgs input to be "nixpkgs/gnome-46" in your flake.nix and rebuild. If you take the flake.nix route, make sure to switch back to the original url after GNOME 46 is merged.

Doing either one of these will require a disgustingly long compilation of trillions of packages, as they don’t have binary cache builds yet.