How to upgrade packages

  1. sudo nix-channel --update
    unpacking channels…

  2. sudo nixos-rebuild switch
    building Nix…
    building the system configuration…
    updating GRUB 2 menu…
    activating the configuration…
    setting up /etc…
    reloading user units for radek…
    setting up tmpfiles

  3. nix-env -u ‘*’


  1. Do nothing??? I can see that XFCE 4.14 is avalaible… why the last command does not upgrade packages???

nix-env is an imperative method of updating packages similar to apt install and won’t change your system configuration. XFCE is likely installed as a system thing. Look at “nix-env -q” to see what nix-env is managing.

The first two commands do update your system. It is root’s channel that usually matters. You are probably using a channel, so take a look at “sudo nix-channels —list”

What channel(s) are you on? sudo nix-channel --list

Perhaps you are just on an old channel that doesn’t have that version? Remember that there is always only a single version of nixOS supported…

Also perhaps show relevant parts of your configuration.nix.

iam using nixos-19.09 the last channel

[root@nixos:/home/radek]# nix-env -qa chromium
i have installed 122 version and cant upgrade to 132
[root@nixos:/home/radek]# nix-env -qa libreoffice
and xfce 4.14 i have installed 4.12

nix-env -u, nix-env -u '’ does not upgrade packages…
nix-env -u chromium or libreoffice xfce4-
also does not work

sudo nixos-rebuild switch --upgrade? I’m not sure it does anything more than the first two commands but it’s worth a shot

I don’t use nix-env for anything, I do only install via respective means of configuration.nix and home.nix.

Or one-off via nix run or in a shell.nix defined environment.

So far I never had problems updating anything.

How have you checked your version of xfce and how did you install it?

Did you perhaps installed it twice? Once via configuration.nix and once via nix.env? Or worse, only via nix-env and hardcoding the path in some config files to make you able to start it?

Enable the KDE Desktop Environment.

services.xserver.displayManager.lightdm.enable = true;
services.xserver.desktopManager = {
xfce.enable = true;
default = “xfce”;

XFCE 4.12 is installed via configuration.nix

XFCE 4.14 is enabled in channel 19.09
for example
nix-env -qa xfce4-panel

Im new in nixos and I am trying to figure out how it works

From looking at the available options, it seems as if xfce 4.14 has been added as a different option.

From some comment in the defining file, it seems as if this is to avoid confusion of users:

  # added 2019-08-18
  # needed to preserve some semblance of UI familarity
  # with original XFCE module

Though I’m not sure why your nix-env installed stuff is not updated.