How to use amdgpu-pro driver?

My use case is I am trying to run Davinci Resolve, and it complains about an unrecognized GPU (mine is RX 6800S), so I am trying to see if it works with that driver.

Another thing is that wiki doesn’t talk about it, but I think it should. So far I have tried this with no success:

  hardware.opengl = {
    extraPackages = with pkgs; [ linuxPackages.amdgpu-pro ];

  boot.extraModulePackages = with config.boot.kernelPackages; [
  environment.systemPackages = with pkgs; [

  # services.xserver.videoDrivers = ["amdgpu-pro"];
  # ERROR: nixos-hardware.nixosModules.ga402 requires kernel version >=6.2 to ensure that fans are correctly managed. Please upgrade nixpkgs for this system.

Running glxinfo | grep "OpenGL vendor string" | cut -f2 -d":" | xargs returns AMD (source).

services.xserver.videoDrivers seems to try to downgrade the kernel.

Anyone managed to make it run?

That appears to be an error in nixos-hardware. Is that module critical?

Yeah, the module hard-codes 5.10. Probably because it’s many years out of date by now.

I don’t know if AMDGPU-PRO was able to run with a standard AMDGPU module at that point yet but it should nowadays, so it’s worth a try. Set

    hardware.opengl.package = package;
    hardware.opengl.package32 = package32;
    hardware.opengl.setLdLibraryPath = true;

where package is AMDGPU-PRO and get rid of the other config.

I’m not sure you need the PRO variant though. Does Resolve not work with the FOSS drivers?

Yep. It contains my laptop configuration. I could probably workaround it be setting things manually, but I don’t need the pro driver THAT bad.

Resolve complains about unrecognized GPU. I saw some mentions about requiring the proprietary driver. No idea, honestly.