How to use MangoHUD (and, potentially, GOverlay) on nixOS

I’m new to nixOS, coming from arch. Love the idea of configuration.nix, and have most everything I want set up, except for this. Help would be appreciated, thanks!

I used gamescope without issues when using the version included in the bottles or steam, module do you have any particular issue ? If the application itself is working, then it may be enough to just install the mangohud/goverlay and run it like on any other os

Unless the application needs more to run ,like a fhs,then u could add it to the fhs
Steam and bottles module are a good example

Sorry, I was being dumb. I meant how can I install these programs on nixOS :man_facepalming:

If ur not using home manager, just add it in ur configuration.nix/flake to the system packages list

environment.systemPackages = [

If u do use home manager, instead add it there to ur users home package list

Tysm for the package name and link! System is rebuilding right now. I swear I scoured all over the internet and couldn’t find one haha. Again tysm!

Edit: It worked!