How to use mbp2018-bridge-drv

Hello! I’ve got a macbook 16,2 and I’m trying to use GitHub - MCMrARM/mbp2018-bridge-drv: A driver for MacBook models 2018 and newer, which makes the keyboard, mouse and audio output work. to get the keyboard/mouse and such working. There is a link on how to install DKMS - t2linux wiki here but I’m having trouble translating those instructions into my nix config, I get lost when it comes to this boot stuff. I’m running nixos 20.09. Do I need to explicitly install mbp2018-bridge-drv in environment.systemPackages? I’ve tried adding apple_bce to boot.kernelModules and boot.initrd.kernelModules (I’m using luks and would ideally like to be able to use the keybaord at that time) but haven’t been able to get the keyboard to work. I’m sure this is probably straight forward, things aren’t clicking.