How to use pure Wayland instead of Xwayland?

I’ve switched to “Wayland” by setting:

services.xserver.displayManager.gdm.wayland = true

But after inspecting windows in Gnome Looking Glass, as suggested over in the brand new Gnome forums, it shows that my windows are running on GType:MetaWindowXwayland instead of GType:MetaWindowWayland.

How can I make Gnome run on pure Wayland instead of Xwayland?

GNOME session never runs as XWayland – it can be either Wayland or X session. Individual apps will run under XWayland (Wayland’s X emulation layer) when you are running Wayland session but the app does not support Wayland natively.

Ah, I see, the Gnome apps like Files (Nautilus) are running with Wayland, but Chromium is running with Xwayland. Thanks for pointing that out; I thought it was like a whole-Gnome thing.

I wonder if I can make Chromium use Wayland instead of Xwayland.

I don’t think there is proper support in chrome for Wayland, but in firefox there is. You just need to export MOZ_ENABLE_WAYLAND=1.

But recently I had a bug with firefox 71 on wayland: 1598995 - Firefox crash with Wayland: runtime check failed: (impl->staging_cairo_surface != cairo_surface). I hoped it’s fixed on 72 now.

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