How to use the latest Go version in stable?

I’d like to be able to bump the version of the Go programming language to the latest (1.19.1 at the writing of this post) but when I try the Go_1_19 tag it does not exist.

I believe this might be because I am on the stable channels and newer “major” versions of Go are not (yet?) available in the stable channel.

Is there a way to go over to the latest available go version in the nixos channels without having to switch over to unstable? Maybe with an override (and if so I am not entirely sure how to go about that yet so any help is appreciated)?

You can use the stable channel and build your system from it, and use the unstable channel for your `nix-shells.

Alternatively if you really want to install go system wide, you can “cherry-pick” it from the unstable channel.