How well does VMware run on NixOS?

I need to run a Windows virtual machine to get my work done.
VMware Workstation does it best, in my experience.
How well does VMware Workstation run on NixOS? Anyone using it?
What if I am on NixOS unstable branch, and am using latest kernel? Is that a problem?

I’m only using KVM with virt-manager if I have to use a Windows machine. Works well for me.

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I as well was happily using virt-manager for my windows machine, but I ran into an issue with non-unicode hebrew fonts that one of my programs uses, and I don’t have that issue on virtualbox or vmware. I googled a bit, and could not get any hints for my issue.

I have been using VMware Workstation on NixOS for a while, with a Windows 11 virtual machine, and I am very happy with it.