How would I install drivers from a *.deb?

Hi, I’ve been trying to setup my drawing tablet (a huion inspiroy 2 m). it has a driver for linux but it is only available as a *.deb, I tried to use other drivers but they don’t support it. would it be possible to install the drivers from the deb?

I looked into their driver downloads and it’s not great. Based on a few minutes of looking around the files, it seems to be a combination of a daemon, an autostart desktop thing, a bunch of repackaged FOSS Qt libraries, and some graphical assets. I’m honestly not entirely sure how they intend for that daemon to be started? Maybe I’m misunderstanding something about it.

Regardless, thankfully it’s not any kernel drivers and it’s all userspace. Unfortunately it’s a bunch of userspace stuff that likely is going to take a significant amount of work to get working on NixOS, and I’m not exactly sure where to begin with that tbh.

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Couldnt it be possible, to launch the app in a container?

Assigning the GPU to it, and installing the deb in a Debian container?

any guides/recommended methods for doing that?

I am actually interested in this myself,
but havent tried it yet.

I figured both Incus and systemd-nspawn might be interesting for this.

Here is a guide/profile for Incus.

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You should try with distrobox, which tries to blend the container into your current system.

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