HPLIP and faxing

I saw a couple threads about issues that people are having with setting up HP printers, such as this thread:

I need the fax printer that HPLIP installs when you use the official HPLIP installer, and AFAIK you don’t get the fax printer if you use workarounds.
I have an old HP Officejet_Pro_6830 that I use for faxing.

I have not yet installed NixOS. I would like to know in advance if HPLIP is likely to be a difficult issue or not, and that is what this post is all about.

I don’t have this hardware so can’t test it or reproduce it. If i could i would test it for you. I’ve got my other HP scanner working fine however, so you may have a good chance.

Probably why we need a ‘certifed nixos hardware sticker’ , to stick onto peripherals.