Hugo missing dependency, already packaged but broken (dart-sass-embedded)

Hello Nixers,
I do not know where to post this, I’ve tried Hugo (static website generator) and it install correctly BUT generating a site does not work due to a missing deps: dart-sass-embedded, which is packaged but broken, a quick try

nix-env -iA nixos.dart-sass-embedded

fail the build phase with a build error, paste here - Viewing Paste kfJdZ4XM

Beside this specific case, there is any way to report such stuff (broken packages, missing deps etc) without a GutHub account?

I’d see if dart-sass itself satisfies this. dart-sass-embedded was removed after the 23.11 nixos release, and the PR doing so notes:

All existing Dart and Flutter packages build and run, with the exception of dart-sass-embedded , which was already broken with Dart 3. I’ve removed it in this PR, as it has been discontinued upstream and merged into the regular dart-sass package.

The Dart Sass embedded compiler is now included as part of the primary Dart Sass distribution, rather than a separate executable. To use the embedded compiler, just run sass --embedded from any Sass executable (other than the pure JS executable).

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Effectively it seems to work, thank!

There is still another missed deps in Hugo derivation: nodejs, again adding on the fly just to test nix-env -iA nixos.nodejs_21 (providing npm/npx) fix.