Hydra API Improvements: Ints to Bools?

Hey y’all and specifically @lewo who made hydra-cli,

I’m looking at improving the API to return actual bools where currently it returns a 0/1. This would be a breaking change for users of very strict languages, but I think would be a net improvement. Notably, it makes the API conform to the OpenAPI spec included in the Hydra repo.

Anyone have the opinion that we shouldn’t do this?



The following PR partially implements this: it converts boolean fields that were previously exposed as integers to JSON booleans (but only when hinted by the boolean_columns list in the schema).

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@grahamc I’m definitely in favor of such changes. Once merged, I could update hydra-cli to support both APIs.

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@lewo that PR has merged and deployed to hydra.nixos.org :slight_smile: Thanks!