Hydra fail's....an observation

I’ve been playing/learning/running hydra… this isn’t a question , more an observation… (this is no fault with hydra, more on how parts the internet ‘vanish’!)

Pretty impressive stuff… …there’s a distinct lack of documentations, but hey… that’s what source code is for isn’t it ;-).

I tried to by a 20.03 nixos tree… and it works but many jobs fail with.

trying https://github.com/01org/libva/archive/2.5.0.tar.gz
curl: (22) The requested URL returned error: 404 Not Found
error: cannot download source from any mirror
builder for '/nix/store/r91slpp46v9fvxqw3vr10wy1lnrfv5d8-source.drv' failed with exit code 1

That’s perfectly correct, because the apart from 1 repo, everything else has been deleted. A classic case of the shifting sands of files and availability of code the internet. Thanks intel!!!

Enabling useSubstitutes = true; in hydra will fix this, as it will look for this file on a nixos.org cache.

but it goes to show you, what can be compiled today, might not be able to compiled tomorrow!.


They should have set up a redirect, and curl would have been able to follow it.

That’s not really on hydra, that’s on intel. Although it is nice having the cache there in case something suddenly disappears (e.g. youtube-dl)

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Smart minds think alike I guess (and sometimes a bit earlier… )

Software Heritage and GNU Guix join forces to enable long term reproducibility (follow github link), and also https://www.tweag.io/blog/2020-06-18-software-heritage/