[Hydra] Jobsets from new GitHub PRs are not appearing in jobsets list

We have our Hydra (https://hydra.holo.host) set up to build PRs for GitHub - Holo-Host/holo-nixpkgs: Modules, packages and profiles that drive Holo, Holochain, and HoloPortOS in project holo-nixpkgs.

It is set up declaratively. Jobsets are set up in jobsets.nix, JSON spec is here.

When the project is created via Hydra web UI, .jobsets get evaluated, and all existing (open) PRs appear in jobsets list of holo-nixpkgs. When new PRs are opened against the repo, .jobsets gets re-evaluated (confirmed that github-pulls-sorted.json and jobsets.json are re-generated and contain the new jobsets), but these jobsets don’t appear in holo-nixpkgs jobsets list.

Hydra server info:

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Update: after last attempt to recreate the project, .jobsets successfully evaluates, but no jobsets appear at all , even for branches ( master , develop , etc.).
.jobsets build log: Hydra - Build 4244 of job holo-nixpkgs:hydra-19.09:nodejs.x86_64-darwin