Hydra: Should the `.jobsets` jobset be deleted when its parent is no longer declarative?

Howdy folks,

I recently came across what appears to be an oversight related to declarative projects: namely, that once they are no longer a declarative project (e.g. the “Declarative spec file” is empty), the special .jobsets jobset hangs around. It is my opinion that once the project transitions from declarative to normal, .jobsets should be removed.

I filed an issue about this against Hydra earlier (linked below), and now I’m looking for feedback from you folks – should .jobsets be deleted when the parent project is no longer declarative?

cc @lewo

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I can’t think of a reason why that would be a problem, so long as you can go back to declarative again in the future.

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All you should need to do is fill out the “Declarative spec file” field again and update the project, and it should come back.

Once I file a PR implementing this cleanup (assuming nobody else comes along with a reason why this would be problematic for them), I’ll be able to say for certain.

I’ve created a PR (was pretty simple, actually): Project: delete the `.jobsets` jobset if project is no longer declarative by cole-h · Pull Request #962 · NixOS/hydra · GitHub

I still need to write / extend an existing test for it, though, so it’s a draft until that’s done.

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…aaaaand merged!

(grumble 20 character limit grumble)

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