Hyper-V guest hangs on boot

Hi all, NixOS noob here.

I’m trying to get NixOS installed in a Hyper-V VM from the live ISO. My config is located here: nixos/configuration.nix at 0e54319ac823e6b3549e68adcf2c3582e6983cea · sa7mon/nixos · GitHub

Currently, it hangs on the “Reached target Graphical Interface” step. Do I need to change something with the Gnome options?

Appreciate any tips!

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Fixed it. Not sure what the issue with Gnome was, but I disabled all those options and enabled XFCE instead as listed here: Xfce - NixOS Wiki

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might be interesting to get to the bottom of this, Do you have any logs at all? could it be related to the following :wink:

When looking through the Hyper-V code that Microsoft submitted to the Linux kernel, it was found that someone inside Microsoft stored a constant in hexadecimal as “0x__B16B00B5__”. In hexspeak, this means “BIG BOOBS”. After this was discovered, Microsoft apologized for the incident and submitted a patch to change the value.[33]

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