Hyprland recently broken?

Hi. I’ve been running hyprland for the last few days and it has been fine. Then, after an update a couple of days ago, I can no longer boot into it.

I am not using a display manager, so after all the boot messages, it normally just loads hyprland, but now, it seems to try to switch into the compositor, but doesn’t switch away from the boot messages.

Is anyone else having problems with the daily updates to Hyprland? Seems that the update on Apr 13 broke my system. The graphical environment never loads.

Does anyone know how I can begin to troubleshoot this?

You can see your logs in /tmp/hypr. Share logs when trying to ask for help, there are incredibly many things that can go wrong and it’s impossible to tell what you’re running into without some more info than “it stopped working a few days ago”.

Going out on a limb though, recent issues from GitHub shows this one: Failed to load GLIB_2.36 on NixOS · Issue #2044 · hyprwm/Hyprland · GitHub

Good chance it’s that if you’re on NixOS stable? Still can’t confirm without logs, of course.

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Thank you for pointing me to the log file. I am running on unstable.

Here is the log:

[LOG] Instance Signature: c86f06caa0be207882266947da67125177bba5af_1681606228
[LOG] Hyprland PID: 1299
[LOG] ===== SYSTEM INFO: =====
[LOG] System name: Linux
[LOG] Node name: framework
[LOG] Release: 6.2.11
[LOG] Version: #1-NixOS SMP PREEMPT_DYNAMIC Thu Apr 13 15:02:59 UTC 2023

[LOG] GPU information:

[LOG] os-release:
PRETTY_NAME="NixOS 23.05 (Stoat)"
VERSION="23.05 (Stoat)"

[LOG] ========================

[INFO] If you are crashing, or encounter any bugs, please consult https://wiki.hyprland.org/Crashes-and-Bugs/

Current splash: We're all living in America, America, America.

[LOG] Creating the HookSystem!
[LOG] Creating the KeybindManager!
[LOG] Creating the AnimationManager!
[LOG] Created a bezier curve, baked 255 points, mem usage: 4.08kB, time to bake: 16.99µs. Estimated average calc time: 0.06µs.
[LOG] Creating the ConfigManager!
[LOG] Creating the CHyprError!
[LOG]  [hookSystem] New hook event registered: focusedMon
[LOG]  [hookSystem] New hook event registered: preRender
[LOG] Creating the LayoutManager!
[LOG] Reloading the config!
[LOG] Created a bezier curve, baked 255 points, mem usage: 4.08kB, time to bake: 9.20µs. Estimated average calc time: 0.04µs.
[LOG] Registered dynamic var "$background" -> rgb(282a36)
[LOG] Registered dynamic var "$current" -> rgb(44475a)
[LOG] Registered dynamic var "$selection" -> rgb(44475a)
[LOG] Registered dynamic var "$foreground" -> rgb(f8f8f2)
[LOG] Registered dynamic var "$comment" -> rgb(6272a4)
[LOG] Registered dynamic var "$cyan" -> rgb(8be9fd)
[LOG] Registered dynamic var "$green" -> rgb(50fa7b)
[LOG] Registered dynamic var "$orange" -> rgb(ffb86c)
[LOG] Registered dynamic var "$pink" -> rgb(ff79c6)
[LOG] Registered dynamic var "$purple" -> rgb(bd93f9)
[LOG] Registered dynamic var "$red" -> rgb(ff5555)
[LOG] Registered dynamic var "$yellow" -> rgb(f1fa8c)
[LOG] Registered dynamic var "$white" -> rgb(f8f8f2)
[LOG] Registered dynamic var "$black" -> rgb(000000)
[CRITICAL] m_sWLRRenderer was NULL!

See this issue, Hyprland is not detecting your gpu: `m_sWLRRenderer was NULL!` error when installing Hyprland from Home Manager · Issue #967 · hyprwm/Hyprland · GitHub

That issue seems to either suggest you’re missing pciutils and that’s causing it not to find a GPU or you never enabled hardware.opengl. I’m guessing there may be many other mistakes along the same lines that could cause this. Also using VMs requires setting an env variable to disable hardware acceleration.

What does your config look like? What GPU are you intending to use, if any?

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Thanks for this! I was already to dive into this, but after I updated this morning with the latest hyprland updates, my problem went away.