Hyprland/Sway need full path to scripts on non-NixOS

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I have been using NixOS and Hyprland fine on my personal laptop (framework).
I have been given an Ubuntu laptop at work and cannot change the OS. Likewise, I have managed to get both Sway and recently Hyprland working using home-manager.

Where Sway and Hyprland were installed using apt (PikaOS repos for Hyprland). In Hyprland config, I have the following snippet to increase my volume:

bind=,XF86AudioRaiseVolume,exec, volume --inc
bind=,XF86AudioLowerVolume,exec, volume --dec

This works fine on my NixOS machine. However, this doesn’t work on Ubuntu.

A Solution

If I provide the full path to the script, this works fine, i.e.

bind=,XF86AudioRaiseVolume,exec, ${volume}/bin/volume --inc

So in the Hyprland config it looks like:

/nix/store/q1wm84g65smaq4agq7zp40q57x3534ni-volume/bin/volume --inc

So it seems like the binaries are not being made available in the path in my Ubuntu machine. In fish shell, it can find the volume binary

which volume

Any ideas what I could be missing in my Non-NixOS machine?


Logs from Hyprland (In Ubuntu)

Executing WAYLAND_DISPLAY=wayland-1 DISPLAY=:0 volume --dec
[LOG] Process Created with pid 338679

I was able to solve this issue by doing the following:

❯ bat ~/.config/environment.d/envvars.conf --plain

Since the Hyprland session is being started by GDM we need to update the environment variables it will pick up.

Wiki: Environment variables - ArchWiki

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